A brief overview of my projects

the Blue Team - Eminent

Released in 2022 on BandCamp
The story of the Blue Team continues.
While the Daragon was heading for Earth, they got again a distress signal, but this time they are close.
Will they be on time?

Brigit Sessions

Released in 2022 on BandCamp
This is selection of tracks that Brigit Degener and I wrote and performed together.
9 tracks and one of them remixed.
I've asked Jean Paul to remaster them so that it can be published to BandCamp.

the Lost Tapes Compilations (part 1)

Released in 2022 on BandCamp
This is a compilation of older records from the period 1989-1995. Because some of these tracks are dear to me and bring back some good memories, I've asked Jean Paul to remaster them so that it can be published to BandCamp.


Released in 2021 by Groove Unlimited
My 5th album with 5 tracks.
The tracks are composed and arranged to help relaxing the mind. No fast sequences or leading solo's, just a flow of sounds, ambient and with a few accents to highlight te hidden melodic harmonies.


Released in 2020 by Groove Unlimited
This album has a few memories written into pieces of music...
To remember the loss of loved ones, but also honoring the influences of the past.

Blue Team

Released in 1996 by Groove Unlimited
I had this idea to create a story. The album was meant to support this story.
So I wrote a short scenario of wich every track is telling a part of this story.
Thanks to Jean Paul van Engelen for the help with arranging, mixing and mastering.

Waves in the Sky

Released in 1995 by Cue Records.
the Force of Music inspired me to compose more music!
So within 9 months I had almost enough material to record a double album.
This was no option for me so I had to select the best parts for this second album.
I didn't change the worktitles on this one...

The Force of Music

Released in 1993 by Audio Works.
Some details: Part 6 was written in 1991 for a media-presentation.
When I lost a sound that was used in Part 7, the music improved even more.
The dark, allmost imploding your speakers intro of Part 10 was made by a simple blow into the microphone. A bit altering and the sound changed into the sound of roaring engines of a huge space vessel.


  • 2022-10 The track Bound to the Brain can now also be found on the Blue Team Bandcamp page, the Blue Team: Bound to the Brain.
  • 2022-10 The Blue Team Eminent is now released, please check over here the Blue Team: Eminent.
  • 2022-09 The Blue Team is preparing a "new album": Eminent. It will soon be released on the Blue Team BandCamp.
  • 2022-09 We (the Blue Team) have written the track Bound to the Brain for the Dutch Electronic Masters III compilation where 34 Dutch EM musicians and bands have provided tracks.
    You can listen to our track right there or go to the Clip on Youtube.
  • 2022-09 The Blue Team has it's own Bandcamp page! Check over here: the Blue Team BandCamp.
    Tracks and info are being gathered and remastered
  • 2022-08 Found material from Brigit Degener and I and published it to my BandCamp.
  • 2022-08 Found old material to be released to my BandCamp.
    This material will be put on albums called Lost Tapes Compilations. More will follow...
  • 2022-01 You can find some of my music on my Youtube Channel
  • 2021 Started to create some darkwave/synthwave tracks for a new project
  • 2021 "5". The fifth album. This is an album with ambient influences, with tracks that might help you to relax the mind.
  • 2020 The album "TearDrops" is ready and released, again by Groove Unlimited (thanks Ron for this opportunity).
  • 2019 The 4th album is at a final stage. Some tuning and tweaking need to be done, but it is almost ready. Searching for a title...
  • 2017-18 Found my way back to music, starting to stretch my imagination and my fingers...
  • 2005 Experimenting with meditation music....
  • 2002 was the year to get back after a break into the music. I worked on a score for a movie called "Iskariot".
  • 1998 the second album to continue the story of the Blue team was almost ready but unfortunately some of the numbers did not fit the music style Groove Unlimited wanted to release on its label.
    So this album got shelved...
  • When I played this 3D game Marathon (Bungie) I came up with the idea to record a concept album, an album with a story behind it. All the tracks on the album are a part of the story. This "the Blue Team" album was released in 1996 by Groove Unlimited, with help from Jean Paul van Engelen for arranging, mixing and mastering.
    Shortly after the release Groove Unlimited organised a concert at "de Landing" (Eindhoven) where Jean Paul and I gave our one and only live perfomance.
  • My second album "Waves in the Sky" (1995) was released by Cue Records.
  • Late 1994 I joined the symphonic rockband Salisbury as a keyboardplayer. This way I could develop myself more into a live performer. The band broke up shortly after we recorded our demo tape "the Next".
  • Merged my studio into Olieslager studio that we build to intensify our teamwork for other artists but also our own work.
  • In 1993 I recorded my first album: "the Force of Music" released by Audio Works.
  • In 1992 a new era of music started for me. I worked together for and with other musicians on several dance and pop projects.
    Also started to work together with Jean Paul van Engelen on several projects with other musicians.
  • The first opportunity to compose music for others came from a company in Almere back in 1991. They were making a presentation (with 9 slide projectors) for the province Flevoland and they needed original music. It was the first time for me to compose music on this scale and on location, and for the company the first time to work with a musician.
  • 1985
    Music has always been an important part of my life. Starting with an electric organ at my parents home by playing melodies that I heard on the radio. I started to create my own music when I got my first synthesizer in 1985. In time when more devices entered my room and I started to make music with my friends.


Some tracks are also available on my Youtube Channel


  • The Blue Team - misc.
    Bound to the Brain
    The Blue Team - Bound to the Brain

  • (2022-01)

  • 5
    Time is an Illusion
    Robert Marselje - 5, Time is an Illusion

  • TearDrops
    Journey to Heaven
    Robert Marselje - TearDrops, Journey to Heaven

  • Coming Home
    Robert Marselje - TearDrops, Coming Home

  • Departure from Dueepra 4
    Robert Marselje - TearDrops, Departure from Dueepra 4

  • The Blue Team
    Central Building
    Robert Marselje - The Blue Team, Central Building

  • Mission Accomplished
    Robert Marselje - The Blue Team, Mission Accomplished

  • The Voyage Home
    Robert Marselje - The Blue Team, The Voyage Home

  • Waves in the Sky
    Discover the new World
    Robert Marselje - Waves in the Sky, Discover the new World

  • The End Of The Delta's
    Robert Marselje  - Waves in the Sky, The End Of The Delta's

  • The Dawn
    Robert Marselje - Waves in the Sky, the Dawn

  • The Force of Music
    Part 2
    Robert Marselje - The Force of Music, Part 2

  • Part 4
    Robert Marselje - The Force of Music, Part 4

  • Part 10
    Robert Marselje - The Force of Music, Part 10